Sustainable ambitions

L’Etape Fagnarde cares about the environment. With the 2022 extreme summer temperatures in mind it’s all too obvious that we’ve been negligent for too long. We realize that humans place a heavy burden on our planet. This includes us and our guests as well. We think that it’s our individual responsibility to reduce our eco-footprint. We want to change our business into a sustainable one and strive to earn an eco-label or eco-certification.

Taking responsibility is all about awareness

A lot of waste is being produced in the tourist industry and we’re not an exception to that. So we try to reduce ours as much as possible. We’ve minimised our food procurement and adjusted our portions, without affecting our selection or quality. By doing so we don’t need to discard too much food leftovers as we have to do this every day. Throwing away good food is a major waste. We are replacing products containing palm oil with sustainable, biological and less destructive alternatives. We avoid plastic packagings as much as possible and select recyclable alternatives instead. And we’ve changed daily refreshing of towels to once every other day, thus reducing waste water on towels by 50%.
We try our best to reduce the footprint we cause with our business. And this is why we are calling upon you, our dear guests, to support our initiative and to help us create a sustainable world for our children.

We have a growing list of ideas on how to become less of a burden to the environment:

CovidKeeping our B&B Covid safeOngoing
ElectricityImplementing solar panels to produce and store our own energyAssessment
ElectricityEV-charging stationsIn progress
FoodMinimizing procurement to reduce food wasteRealised
FoodAvoiding as many plastic packaging products as possibleIn progress
FoodAvoiding as many palm oil products as possibleIn progress
GasReplacement of heating system with a more sustainable alternativeAssessment
WasteSeparating our waste: glass, paper, food, batteries, plastic foils, plastics, metalsRealised
WaterRefreshing towels every other day instead of every day (=50% less waste water)Realised
WaterReducing our overall water usageAssessment

However we can’t realise all of our sustainable goals without your personal support. We understand that changing one’s personal habits into sustainable ones can’t be achieved overnight. It’s all about awareness. And it sometimes means that former things have become less obvious in order to build a better world. ‘Less is more’ is a common saying.